Friday, January 11, 2008

We Are at PREGCON 2

A friend of mine has unintentionally shamed me into posting again. I haven't seen him in a good six years at least, but through the magic of “teh Interwebs” I've found his blog. In one post, he indicates that he doesn't feel that he has posted as often as he should. Ha! He has only to look at my pathetic corner of the “blogosphere” (I cannot use that term without irony) to see a case of true posting neglect. I resolve (famous last words) this year to post more regularly. After all, as this incident has shown, I can't expect old friends to find me in the online wilderness if I don't leave some footprints.

So during my multi-month radio silence, Gorgeous Wife and I managed to find time to make another baby, and he's due “any time now” according to the doctor. So we are, as I have indicated, at PREGCON 2 at our home. If you would like the full PREGCON scale, as I'm sure all of my readers (i.e. my mom) are, I am happy to oblige:

  • PREGCON 5: Not pregnant
  • PREGCON 4: First and second trimester
  • PREGCON 3: Third trimester
  • PREGCON 2: Early labor
  • PREGCON 1: Active labor

So we're probably going to be heading rapidly to the hospital sometime in the next couple of weeks. When I get a chance after he's born, I'll be sure to post some pictures here.

(You are reading my blog, right Mom? Mom?)