Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thirsty for MythBusters?

I've not had much experience with drinking games, what with being a Mormon, and therefore a teetotaler. Still, a similar sort of fun can be had with non-alcoholic beverages, with the goal changing from (not) getting smashed to trying to see who can avoid having to go to the bathroom the longest. So in anticipation of the new episodes of MythBusters coming out on October 6, I present my lovingly-crafted MythBusters drinking game. There are a few others out there; I shamelessly stole the best ideas from them and added my own. By default, each event requires one (1) sip when it occurs; those that are worth more are noted as such.

Any Cast Member

  • Gets hurt (+2 if it's not Adam or Tory, or if it isn't their own fault)
  • Gets drunk (+1 if it's Grant or Kari, +2 if it's Jamie and you can actually tell)
  • Throws up (+2 if it's not Adam or Grant)
  • Gets censored for cursing (+2 if it's Grant or Kari)
  • Fails a driving test or otherwise performs poorly behind the wheel (+1 if they aren't impaired in some way at the time)
  • Uses a calculator (+2 if it's Kari)
  • Says something like “Well, you know we can't just leave it at that...”
  • Unnecessarily abuses a dummy (+1 if it's a cast of Grant's head)
  • Cites online criticisms of earlier experiments
  • Adds unnecessary decorations to a prop (+2 if it's Jamie)
  • Likeness appears in an animation (+1 if said likeness gets injured or killed)
  • (2) Tells the audience not to try this at home (other than the standard warnings at the start and middle)
  • (2) Is prevented against his or her will from participating in a test due to insurance concerns

Jamie Hyneman

  • Says, “When in doubt,...” (e.g. “C-4,” “lubricate”)
  • Calls Adam a big baby or makes a similar remark about his complaints
  • Talks very seriously to others about safety
  • Gets upset about a mess or damage to his shop or equipment
  • (2) Berates someone for screwing up an experiment
  • (2) Brings out the lard
  • (2) Removes his beret
  • (2) Giggles
  • (3) Gets truly excited
  • (3) Permits someone to touch his mustache or beret
  • (3) Gets his white shirt dirty, or removes it to prevent this
  • (3) Loses a “build-off”

Adam Savage

  • Juggles or performs magic
  • Displays his filthy hands
  • Calls Jamie by something other than his actual name (e.g. “Heiney-man,” “Silent Walrus”)
  • References Jamie's age, past occupations or extraterrestrial origin
  • Mimics Jamie's mustache with his hands or another object
  • Rides a Segway
  • Says “Science!” enthusiastically
  • Wears a self-referential T-shirt
  • Speaks with an accent (+1 for the David Attenborough one talking about “The Hyneman”)
  • (3) Singes his hair

Kari Byron

  • Employs her artistic skills
  • Screams when startled
  • Incorrectly predicts the outcome of a test
  • (2) Is repulsed by meat
  • (3) Has a baby

Grant Imahara

  • Builds or suggests building a “robot”
  • Brings out Deadblow
  • (2) Commits a mathematical error
  • (3) Becomes frustrated or upset

Tory Belleci

  • Someone refers to his Italian heritage
  • Gets volunteered for something painful or potentially dangerous (+1 if called a “dummy”)
  • (3) Wears women's clothing
  • (3) Speaks in a nerd-lisp accent


  • Something explodes, launches, crashes, shoots or incinerates (+2 if it was unintentional, unnecessary, or made out of meat)
  • Buster gets busted, burned, dropped, hurled or in some other way abused
  • The fire department or paramedics are on hand, “just in case”
  • A previously-built rig is reused
  • A radio-controlled vehicle fails to stop when it should (+2 if someone is inside when it happens)
  • The high-speed camera is used in situations where it wouldn't yield any data which would be useful for testing the myth, but because the footage is fun to watch (e.g. Adam getting slapped)
  • Testing is shown taking place at a gun or bomb range, decommissioned military facility, or NASA laboratory
  • The “WARNING: Science Content!” plate appears
  • (2) A “human analog” (a.k.a. pig carcass) is brought in
  • (2) The Build Team has a myth which is significantly cooler than Adam and Jamie's
  • (2) Real human body parts or fluids are used in an experiment
  • (2) A small-scale experiment fails, but they go full-scale anyway
  • (3) A revisit overturns the original findings for a myth
  • (3) Someone's entire body is coated with a substance (e.g. metallic paint)
  • (3) Essential steps or ingredients for a test are censored
  • (3) No definitive conclusion is reached for a myth
  • (3) A myth result is bafflingly counterintuitive (e.g. mouse vs. elephant)

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TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing.